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Machining Services We Offer

Micromachining Small Parts

Micromachining small parts is a big part of our business The demand is greater than ever for components that are stronger, lighter, faster and smaller. CNC Swiss machining is the world’s most precise way of turning tiny parts with capabilities of holding tolerance of ±.000050 in Diameter and ± .00025 lengths. Our advanced machinery and […]

Precision Swiss CNC Machining

Swiss CNC machining is the most precise and efficient machining method for critical components. The modern CNC Swiss have a wide range of capabilities, spanning across many industries.  This includes everything on land, sea and in air to life sustaining medical components. 7 Axis Swiss Automatics Our 7 axis Swiss automatics with sub spindle and […]

Screw Machined Products

U.S Swiss has a rich history of producing quality screw machine products. Since 1968 our fully equipped modern CNC Swiss automatics and supporting equipment along with our Swiss machining professionals have produced screw machine products from 10pcs to 250k pcs, in all types of materials. Our deliveries are fast and scheduled to meet your needs, […]

Custom Machining

Custom components are standard here at U.S. Swiss. Our team can assist you in nearly all aspects of your project application, including types of material, heat treating, plating and many others aspects to increase production and achieve total form, fit and function of your custom machined components. From small quantity prototypes to full production runs, […]

CNC Milling & Turning

Our CNC Swiss turning and milling machines are excellent for small components. We also utilize various CNC mills and lathes to enhance our machining capabilities. CNC secondary equipment is very beneficial when a certain component needs to split into more than one operation to streamline production while maintaining the highest level of quality. Our experienced […]

Secondary Operations

    In addition to our primary CNC Swiss type automatics we have an array of supporting secondary operations equipment to enhance our capabilities while improving production and quality. Secondary operation equipment list: 3 Highly Precise CNC Lathes 4 CNC Mills 10 Highly Precise Levin Lathes (Spindle accuracy within 0.000050 T.I.R.) 3 SIXIS Milling Machine […]

Value Added Processes

Ordering components complete saves time and money. In addition to our CNC machining services we offer our customers value added processing of components with special processes complete. These special processes are critical to the performance of the components and we know the importance of the processors being qualified to the specific specifications each component requires. […]

Connector Components

U.S. Swiss machines high quality contacts and components. We have a vast amount of experience in machining pin and sockets contacts from standard M39029 contacts to custom contacts that meet all your special requirement Thermocouple Contacts Thermocouples are supplied in blanks or complete with hood & color code KP (CHROMEL) KN (ALUMEL) JP (IRON) JN […]




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U.S. Swiss is a front runner in precision Swiss machining. Our state-of-the-art CNC facility provides precision Swiss machining throughout the United States since 1968. With over four and a half decades of experience and dedication we have established a record of excellence in many different industries.

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