Connector Components

U.S. Swiss machines high quality contacts and components. We have a vast amount of experience in machining pin and sockets contacts from standard M39029 contacts to custom contacts that meet all your special requirement

Thermocouple Contacts

Thermocouples are supplied in blanks or complete with hood & color codeThermocouple Contacts


Power Contacts & Coax Contacts

Coax & Power Contacts are also supplied in blanks or complete with heat treat, plating, hood & color code

Power Contacts Coax Contacts

Assembled Contacts

Here a sample of some completed Solder cup and Crimp type Contacts

Assembled Contacts

Hermetic Contacts

52 Alloy and Kovar Contacts for your Glass-to-Metal Seals and Ceramic-to-Metal SealsHermetic Contacts

Custom Contacts & Components

Shells, Housings, Crimp Sleeves, Retaining Rings, Terminals, Shafts and Others Precision Components

Custom Contacts and Components