Value Added Processes

laser cutting

Ordering components complete saves time and money.

In addition to our CNC machining services we offer our customers value added processing of components with special processes complete. These special processes are critical to the performance of the components and we know the importance of the processors being qualified to the specific specifications each component requires. U.S. Swiss monitors and maintains an approved supplier list and/or uses customer approved suppliers.

Value Added Services:

  • All types Heat Treating
  • All types Plating
  • All types Anodizing
  • All types Coating
  • All types Chemical Film Coating and Etching
  • All types Grinding
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Leak, Flow, and Pressure Testing
  • Painting and Powder Coating
  • Passivation and Cleaning
  • Solid Dry Film Lubrication
  • Welding and Brazing
  • EDM Machining
  • Laser Machining, Marking and Welding
  • Thread Rolling
  • Special Packaging
  • Schedule Deliveries

For more information on Swiss machining, secondary operations and value added processing or if you want to discuss your project challenges and requirements, contact us or send a request for quote.