Secondary Operations


Mill Quality Mill Lathe

In addition to our primary CNC Swiss type automatics we have an array of supporting secondary operations equipment to enhance our capabilities while improving production and quality.

Secondary operation equipment list:

  • 3 Highly Precise CNC Lathes
  • 4 CNC Mills
  • 10 Highly Precise Levin Lathes (Spindle accuracy within 0.000050 T.I.R.)
  • 3 SIXIS Milling Machine
  • 4 Custom Bur-less Cross Drilling Machines
  • 4 Custom Metal Stamp Machines (customer logo or material ID on parts)
  • 2 Striping machines (bin/color code for contacts and components)
  • 4 Hauser 241 Polishing Machines
  • 2 Blast Finishing Machines
  • 4 Tumbling & De-burring Machines
  • 4 Cleaning Machines
  • 8 Powerful Microscopes
  • 10 Optical comparators (Micro-Vu)


For more information on Swiss machining and Secondary operations or if you want to discuss your project challenges and requirements, contact us or send a request for a quote.